Studio Policies

Dance Attire:

Female Dancers

Leotard & tights (preferably black leotard & pink tights for ballet). Pink ballet shoes for ballet, black jazz oxfords for jazz & black tap shoes for tap. Children’s tap shoes with ties should have ties replaced with black elastic. Hair should be worn up off face & neck.

**Pointe shoe candidates are chosen by the director of the school in careful consideration with all teachers. This is for your children’s safety. Please do not buy pointe shoes unless first instructed by the director. When a student has been approved to start “en pointe”, the instructor will guide you on how to purchase the shoes.


Male Dancers

Black jazz pants, T-shirt. Black ballet shoes for ballet, black jazz oxfords for jazz, & black tap shoes for tap.


Studio Behavior and Code of Conduct:

I will respect myself, the studio staff and property, other students, and the art of dance by:

  • Arriving early for class so I am ready to begin on-time
  • Attending classes regularly
  • Dressing appropriately – This includes my shoes, hair and attire
  • Staying focused, showing self-control, listening to instructors and applying corrections to self
  • Not talking during class
  • Adhering to all Studio rules and policies
  • Speaking to school director if there is an issue or problem
  • NOT hanging on ballet barres, touching mirrors, running or jumping
  • NOT bringing food or drink into classrooms. (Bottled water is allowed for upper levels)

Teachers are expected to:

  • Challenge students and teach new technique each week (depending upon the age level) building upon the prior week’s lesson;
  • Keep order in the class/ maintain discipline;
  • Play appropriate music for techniques and age level (this includes appropriate content);
  • Maintain a positive atmosphere;
  • Apply constructive criticism;
  • Make dance a fun and loving experience for all students while maintaining a high standard;
  • Start and finish classes on time.



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